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Full Optimization


You get the same amazing service with every website.

Including detailed SEO analysis of your site for free, of which you’ll receive a copy.


Includes up to 10 key word phrases, and an in depth analysis of which keywords will be best suited for you, your area, and your website! Which works perfectly for both paid ads and organic results.


This is the most important part of SEO. In simple terms, it's writing great articles with amazing content for your readers to enjoy. We will show you exactly how to leverage the power of content marketing!


Your website will be strategically placed on other high authority sites that will link to your website, thus increasing your site authority in return, and we'll help make that happen!


We not only optimize your website, but we also educate you! Receive our free guides and 1 on 1 training on how to keep your website SEO going strong for many years to come!

Monthly Monitoring


Stay in the know and be aware of your website SEO needs.

Including detailed SEO analysis of your site for free, of which you’ll receive a copy.


Onsite keyword analysis to see how your keywords are doing, and whether or not an adjustment needs to be made in order to keep you as optimized as possible.


1 full article review to determine how you are applying the blog optimization guide, and to help provide you with further insights to keep you website as optimized as possible.


We'll check your backlinks to ensure that they are not causing spam, and provide additional suggestions to improve your backlinking strategy.

SEO Report

You'll also receive a complete onsite SEO report card which will let you know where you stand and how to improve. We will also analyze your wordpress plugins and site load speed.


We offer powerful SEO services to businesses every day just like yours! We love working with people 1 on 1, and focus on small business SEO and website optimization to help take your website to the next level. You’ve probably asked, how do I increase traffic to my website? Well look no further!